Pyramid Planter Today

Today's Pyramid Planters - 2018

Having addressed the earlier drawbacks by redesign and modification, we can now offer a lightweight, powder coated framed planter, with regular spangled galvanised steel trays which can be erected with a little DIY skill.

The top of the planter is interchangeable and can be easily personalised, such as house numbers, names, holders for hanging baskets, or weathervanes, to name a few. 

The choices are endless and we are constantly adding more options for you to choose from, as well as the range of colours/finishes which we can custom build and supply by contacting us via the contact page (link) on the Pyramid Planters website.

Siting of Pyramid Planter

ANYWHERE!! ANY SURFACE – soil, gravel, tar, blocks and decking.   All you need is 1m x 1m area approximately and access to get around it. Level ground or slope -  it can be easily built up on padstones.

The base has a polypropylene woven fabric insert liner which prevents soil/compost contamination with whatever surface is selected.  This can be left exposed or buried, screened from view with soil, gravel bricks etc. The insert liner allows excess moisture through but also retains moisture.

We have even built one on top of a tree stump which is an excellent easy solution to a big problem.