Pyramid Planters FAQ

What is Vertical Gardening?

Simply, vertical gardening is growing things upwards opposed to outwards. It can be done using various containers or structures.

The main benefit is its space saving qualities and ideal because it maximises growing capacity of limited spaces.

What actually is The Pyramid Planter?

The Pyramid Planter is a 1m² free standing steel structure with 5 tier growing sections with an overall height of 1.8m.

Using a multi-layer system allows for a greater crop space per metre squared than can be attained by using ground space.

What are the planters made of?

The legs of the planter are mild steel coated in Colourgalv. Colourgalv combines all the benefits of galvanising but being available in every colour and will last for decades.

The trays are made from 1mm regular spangled galvanised sheet with and fitted with Leglock Brackets.

Can my planter be any colour?

Yes, the powder coated finish is available in the RAL Colour Guides, however some can be more expensive than others but prices can be obtained for special requests.

Where can I get plants for my planter?

There is no specific type of plant required therefore any local Garden Centre or Nursery will be able to provide flowers, herbs or vegetables of your choice.

Does the Planter require much light?

All plants require adequate light to thrive. However, some plants will burn in direct sunlight so choosing the right plant is critical in any garden.

How long is the delivery time?

Immediate dispatch available, however where a custom made top or a paint colour variation is requested please allow 2 - 3 weeks.

How much maintenance do they require?

Very low maintenance – no need to weed large areas of earth and less bending required.

The planter can be wiped down as required or hosed.

How is the Pyramid Planter Assembly

The Pyramid Planter is very easy to assemble and can be built by a single person in 5 minutes with no tools required.

For details of the assembly process please read our Assembly Instructions linked below.

Assembly Instructions

How much compost is required to fill the planter?

The Pyramid Planters holds approximately 360 litres of compost.

This can be significantly reduced by using plastic containers in the centre.