Assembly Instructions

5 Minutes to Assemble
No Tools Required
Lasts a Lifetime

Thank you for purchasing a Pyramid Planter, you can download and print the Pyramid Planter Assembling Instructions here or continue to read below.

Basic Safety Precautions

  • Read Assembly Instructions carefully.
  • Be cautious of sharp edges when assembling and during general maintenance of Planter. However, every effort has been made to ensure there are no sharp edges.
  • Lift and move Planter with care to prevent strains and back injuries.

Handling of Packaging

All packaging should be discarded and recycled as per regulations in your area.

General Maintenance

The powder coated legs and galvanised trays should be cleaned using a mild detergent and warm water. Use a soft cloth or sponge and then buff dry with a soft non-abrasive cloth.
Do not use abrasive materials or you may damage your planter.
Any damaged paintwork may be covered using acrylic paint.

In The Box

Contents List & Accessories

4 x Planter Legs
20 x Galvanised Trays (4x5 Sets)
1 x Decorative Pin
1 x Polypropylene Liner
20 x Zip Ties (four required in domestic use)

Identifying Planter Components

Four Planter Legs – A, B, C, D
There are four variations of hinge position on each leg.
A, has two hinge tubes.
B, C, & D, have one hinge tube each at different heights and will only fit one way.

Assembly Steps

If required A + B may be laid on the ground then lifted up once the decorative pin is in place or use two people to erect.

Make sure D is placed diagonally to C drop pin down until it connects all 5 hinge tubes.

To Position Legs with Trays

With tray 1 (largest and lowest), slide one end of tray bracket onto 1 trays rest on the leg, then on opposite side slide tray 1 into place on tray rest (FIG 4).

Repeat this process for the three remaining 1 trays.

When all four 1 trays are in place the planter will take shape – you can alter/adjust legs and trays until all look equal – then secure with Zip Ties (FIG 5).

Feed the zip tie through the slot on one tray bracket and through opposite tray bracket then secure.

Repeat with three remaining legs. Once all zip ties are tightened on bottom trays the planter can be lifted and positioned to its location if not already in preferred location.

The Perfect Vertical Gardening Solution

5 Minutes to Assemble

No Tools Required

Lasts a Lifetime

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