Beautiful Begonias

A new Pyramid Planter customer who had success with her trailing begonias in baskets and knew what a good display could be achieved and was looking to go a stage further for a bigger and better display.

The Pyramid Planter has proved to be a great success producing a fantastic tumbling display of colour and despite the lack of sunny days, high winds and torrential rain – there is still a definite WOW factor.

Pyramid Planters

Getting there

By over-wintering begonias indoors until Spring, you can replant the following year and produce endless displays at no extra cost and with the longevity of the Pyramid Planter they make a brilliant combination.

Pyramid Planters
Pyramid Planters

Full Bloom

Pyramid Planters

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Our Pyramid Planters are an excellent addition to any garden, whether big or small, all you need is a 1m x 1m area to get started. Made from mild steel coated in ColourGalv means it retains all the benefits of galvanising but offering a range of colours and will last for decades.

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